Degrees of Knighthood

By , May 11, 2011

As a service organization, the Knights of Columbus owes its many achievements to the tireless efforts of those men in the Sacred Heart Council whose greatest impact is most often witnessed, both by our families and our neighbors.  Whether it’s through the support of local athletic programs, sponsoring of special events, or even planning and hosting religious activities, Knights serve as valuable role models for other Catholic men, as well as mentors for all our children.  And, hopefully, as a source of inspiration for future generations of Knights.

Knights of Columbus Choir

Knights of Columbus Men’s Choir

Within the Order itself, there are four “Degrees” of Knighthood, each one meant to exemplify one of the four principles of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism.

1st Degree is about charity

2nd Degree is about unity

3rd Degree is about fraternity

4th Degree is about patriotism

To become a full Knight, each member is encouraged to attain the Third Degree level.  After which, he can go on to the Fourth Degree, the one that embodies patriotism and is the most visible of all the Degrees. It is through their participation in these areas that Knights receive their greatest, and often most personal rewards.

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