By , March 24, 2011

The Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus Council #9632 was incorporated in September, 1987 and has had 24 Grand Knights and officers overseeing and guiding our Council.Listed below are our current Officers and Trustees for this year.

2014-2015 Officers

Grand Knight Bill Wieland DSC_7015
Deputy Grand Knight Enrique Cruz Garcia DSC_7019
Chaplain Fr Chris Hartshorn / Fr Luis Mejia DSC_7013
Chancellor Open
Recorder Marty Nealon DSC_7023
Financial Secretary Dick Robson DSC_7016
Treasurer Paul Nielsen DSC_7017
Advocate Bob Douglas DSC_7025
Warden Dave Brommel DSC_7022
Inside Guard Matt Hager DSC_7026
Outside Guard Steve Miller DSC_7021
First Year Trustee Norton Hatlie DSC_5014
Second Year Trustee Neil Donohoe DSC_7024
Third Year Trustee Joe Herrity DSC_7020


Are you interested in becoming a Knight? Please go to the menu button, “Becoming a Knight”, and contact one of our Council Officers. We will be more than happy to talk with you and help you explore becoming a Knight.

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