By , November 16, 2013

Service to One; Service to All

When we reflect on our history, it’s inspiring to see a Catholic fraternal order of men dedicated to charity, faith, fraternity, and patriotism.  The Knights of Columbus raise thousands of dollars each year for charitable causes and perform thousands of hours of community service work for our parish.  And our hopes and dreams for tomorrow are greater, because the need is, too.

Today, we’re looking for the next generation of younger Knights. Men of character and conviction who are driven by both faith and conscience to do truly meaningful works for others. And the tangible rewards for members are numerous, from scholarships for our sons and daughters, an increase in our profession of our Catholic faith, to being able to participate in one of the leading insurance programs in the country.

But of the countless rewards Knighthood offers, perhaps the most inviting is this:

“The knowledge that, as a Knight, you can make a difference.

Through fearless service.  Through heartfelt perseverance.

And, above all, through unfaltering fellowship.”

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